Ken M. May be the World's Greatest Internet Troll

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If you don’t know who Ken M. is, you probably have never read a comment section on the internet. And honestly, we can’t blame you for wanting to stay away from them. We are still reeling from the Great Rainbow Cake Comment Disaster of 2014.

But, if you have ever read or dared to engage with a comment section on your travels through the world wide web, you know that Ken M. is the internet’s Troll King.

This man shows how trolling can be eloquently elevated to a high art form. Proof: College Humor, the Louvre of internet memes, hired him to write a column called The Troll.

Ken M. has been lurking on the internet and dropping some real precious nuggets since about 2011. And to truly prove why this man should be your inspiration for dealing with not just the web but the world, here are 10 of his top trolls:


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