Can You Answer The Most Trivial of Trivia Questions?

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It’s amazing the amount of trivial information that gathers in our minds. Some of it pertains to our day-to-day business. A lot of it simply soaks in unnoticed as we go about our affairs with friends, family, and the daily news as time goes by. It’s beyond interesting that facts we learn in school can linger in our memory before being recalled by a question. An interesting and compelling explanation may exist about something that’s been a part of our lives all along.  That we’ve experienced every day and never really looked deep into our psyche. How many times have you been asked a question about something you knew? You knew the answer but couldn’t come up with it on the spot. How many things do you pass by in a day that you take for granted? Here’s a quiz testing your everyday knowledge mixed with things you may have learned and forgotten, things you never knew might be interesting and some pure trivia that might blow your mind.

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Did you know that the pub quiz originated in the UK in the 1970s? It was developed by a company in order to shore up slow nights in pubs. Did you know that the word "trivia" is linked to Classical Latin and loosely translates to "three roads?" It refers to three parts of education; grammar, rhetoric, and logic. The notion of something being "trivial" relates to a lesser level of education which some consider the liberal arts to be.

Did you know that the zebra's stripes aren't there just because of camouflage? Recent studies have found that the stripes also aid tremendously in helping keep the odd-looking ungulates cool in the Africa heat.

Did you know that the game, Trivial Pursuit, was developed after its inventors discovered that there were pieces missing while playing a game of Scrabble? They were frustrated at the moment and ended up coming up with the concept for their own game. The game went on to sell millions of units, and in the year 1984, 20 million games were sold.


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