Can You Guess the Most Searched for Food on Pinterest in Each State?

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Pinterest is the social networking site that is capable of sucking hours of your life. As you journey down rabbit holes that lure you with pictures of impossibly shiny rainbow hair, impractically neat home decor, irritatingly cute animal pictures and inspirational quotes, and tempting food recipes. And while gazing upon all of this, you pin it, and vow to try it. Even though deep down you know when you do, you will fall short of the picture perfect presentation that inspired you. Pinterest keeps track of what people from each state search for the most. Can you guess which state searched for pinterest recipes with what food? Take this quiz! It may surprise you and will definitely inspire you to do some more pinteresting for recipes!.

Did you know?

Have you Pinned?

Pinterest is a fast-growing social networking site that began in 2010 which allows people to pin images and ideas that inspire or interest them digitally. What people pin ranges from recipes, products, interior design, architecture, clothing, places, tutorials, to even fan art and fanfiction. According to Pinterest, their website has great integration with 88% of people purchasing a product that they pin. Most people who use Pinterest have a college degree and live in a major city. In fact, the cities that use Pinterest the most are New York, Atlanta, Los Angeles, Seattle, and San Francisco. The careers most likely to use the website include designers, teachers, and bloggers. The most popular thing to pin are arts and crafts and do it yourself tutorials. And if you are looking to make something go viral, you have the best chance on Pinterest where over 80% of pins are repinned compared to 1.4% of tweets being retweeted. But the inspirations you get from Pinterest don't always end well. Because so many things posted on Pinterest are done by professionals and photographed with professional cameras, it is easy to find yourself in a situation where, after hours of hard work, you are looking at your Cookie Monster cupcakes that are just piles of melty blue goo and wondering where you went wrong. In fact, there are entire blogs dedicated to hilarious failed Pinterest attempts.


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