Can You Guess Which State these Obscure Laws Come From?

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Laws vary from state to state. Drivers know the speed limits will change across borders. Motorcyclists may have to wear a helmet in one state but not another. But these are the well-known changes that you probably already know about. To quiz your knowledge of the bizarre or silly, we’ve pulled together 30 reported laws from American states. You’ll need to match the law to the state that enshrined this idea.


Even the most law-abiding American will find some of these strange legislations across the country surprising. An added bonus of this quiz is that you’ll be less likely to break a more obscure law when you tour the United States. You can thank us later.

Did you know?

History of Laws

One of the earliest known written laws in the Hammurabi Code fashioned by a Babylonian King in the 18th century B.C. His 282 laws standardized conduct and justice in his ancient Mesopotamian empire. The code was etched on a nearly 8-foot diorite pillar. His commands encompassed property rights, criminal behavior, slavery and divorce, and the brutal punishments due to those who disobeyed.

While Hammurabi’s legal codes are the best known from antiquity he was not the first to establish a code of law. Other early written laws on record are an ancient code of conduct created by Sumerian ruler Ur-Nammu in 21st century B.C. and another code of Lipit-Ishtar or Isan drawn up two centuries before Hammurabi got into the legal business.

The most famous ancient precept in Hammurabi’s Code is the law of retribution which we would label “an eye for an eye.” If a man broke one man’s bone, his own bone would be broken in return. Capital crimes were treated differently. Adulterers didn’t just trade partners. They were more likely to be impaled or burned to death.


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