Can You Pass This Basic British School Test?

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Do you think you have got what it takes to beat our specially-designed test of British school questions? Are you streaks ahead in the world of intellectual capability and think that you’re indefinitely smarter than the children of the United Kingdom? Then take our quiz to test your intelligence against that of a bunch of kids. Not only will this question your very skills and abilities but you’ll also hopefully learn a few things along the way too. Do you know your mitosis from your meiosis, your Shakespeare from your Steinbeck, and your quadratics from your trigonometry? Answer these questions and more to win bragging rights over you friends, proving that you are the smartest cookie in your group of mates.

Did you know?

Let's go to School!

British schooling is a very different system altogether when compared with the system across the Atlantic in America. Instead of a ‘grade’ system of progress, British schools have ‘years.' You start off in Year 1 at the age of four or five and finish schooling at the age of 18 in Year 13. British students have GCSE exams, which are taken at the age of 16 and after that must stay in full-time education until they turn 18 (whether this is a vocational course at a college, or continuing at school). A-Levels are generally considered to be the most important exams in the British education system, being taken at the age of 18 and with students required to meet certain grade standards in order to attend the university of their choice.


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