Do You Know These Spooky Halloween Songs?

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Halloween is just around the corner! Can you believe it? It’s easy to believe. But what’s not easy to believe is something you won’t see marked on the calendar. That would be monsters! Ghosts! Goblins! Ghouls! And Vampires! Much of what Halloween songs are based off on, inspired by. Well, I wouldn’t say “Halloween” songs. For, there are very few of those. That’s why we use songs like “I Put a Spell on You” and “Monster Mash” to celebrate the spooky occasion. They can be fun or creepy, as long as they mention monsters, wolves, vampires, or witches, we count them as
Halloween songs. Much like we call “Winter Wonderland” a Christmas song. Never mentions Christmas but it’s definitely a Christmas song.

Halloween isn’t always scary, but it’s always full of monsters! Some kind like Casper the friendly ghost and others eviler than Michael Myers.

Are you ready for a mixture of both? I hope so, but be warned, you’ll want to make a bonfire, go on a hayride, and take a walk through a haunted house after this! So let’s see how spooky you music lovers are with this creepy Halloween song quiz!

Did you know?

The Very First Horror Film Didn’t Have a Soundtrack

That’s because it was a silent film! It was called Le Manoir du Diable, or The Haunted Castle (Or Devil’s Castle) and it originated in France. Back in 1896, there was no such thing as a horror movie. Using silent films to get the heart jumping in that manner was nonexistent. It wasn’t until a man named Georges Melies, the film director, though that an encounter with the devil would bring in the cash. The three-minute movie was supposed to be amusing, but viewers were spooked!

It begins with a bat flying around a medieval castle and morphing into an incarnation of the devil. He conjures up a cauldron and an assistant. Together, the two conjure a woman from the cauldron. Soon, two men walk in, but they are soon tormented and warped to another room. In fright, one runs away while the other stays and is tormented further. Furniture would disappear, and skeletons would move around, trying to frighten him. He appears to be forever tormented with the cauldron women and specters.

The last scene shows the other man return and makes the devil vanish by overpowering him with a crucifix.

This strange “first horror film” was lost and forgotten for over 100 years. No copies were found until 1988 when scavengers dug some up in New Zealand. For those wanting more, the video is available to watch for free all over the internet! So enjoy the first horror movie and just how far they have come.


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