Ever wanted to know what breed of dog you are?

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Dogs, like people, come in all shapes, sizes, and personality. Do you ever wonder what breed of dog you’d be if you were a dog? Are you petite and high energy like a terrier? Or sporty but intelligent like a collie? Or maybe you just love eating and being at home like a bulldog. These fun questions will help reveal your inner pedigree and allow you to know what breed of four-legged best friend is the true match for you. Maybe you’ll even be inspired to adopt a new fur-ever friend! Or, at the very least, you will now have an explanation for your friends about why they need to take you out for so many walks.

Did you know?

There Was A Dog Breed Larger Than any Living Dog

The epicyon which translates into "more than a dog" is a dog from a genus of "bone-crushing dogs." However, you won't see any roaming the earth today because along with many other animals, they are extinct.

But, during its time, the epicyon was approximately 5ft long and weighed over 200lbs. But that's not the only thing that made it unique. Its head was often confused for a lion's because of the strength of its jaw and its raw size. What's strange is though it became extinct some time ago, fossils have been found only in North America.

The largest specimen found would have belonged to an epicyon that was about 370lbs! To put that into perspective let's take a look at the largest dog alive. Most likely the biggest dog in the world today is a Great Dane named Major. He is 238 lbs, which is large in his right, considering most Great Danes are about 150-170 lbs. So if you look at Major, add the head of a lion as well as 150lbs, you get the epicyon.
The average female lion doesn't reach 300 lbs in its lifetime, so take that into consideration when scaling. Maybe there's a reason these animals are extinct. If big cats weren't enough to give us nightmares and steer us clear of safaris, then big dogs sure would be! Remember that these dogs were found in North America too! You may not like raccoons in your trash, but you may never leave the house again if you found a 400lb dog in it.


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