How Much Do You Know About Halloween?

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It’s that time of year again! Halloween is in our wake, and it’s hard to wait! We all love to dress-up, eat candy, and act like children. That’s all Halloween is all about right?

Well, not exactly. But hopefully you already knew that, or else you may not fare so well in this quiz. You need to know at least a little bit about the history, witches, ghosts, spiders, and statistics to ace this quiz. But don’t worry, you may surprise yourself. Grab your bowl of Halloween candy from two years ago and just enjoy yourself. Remember,
What you don’t know, you can just learn. There you have it! Maybe you know a lot about candy or a little about the supernatural. You never really know what you know until you’re questioned on it.

So just relax and take it in stride, or just Google all of the answers so you can share your results on Facebook and say, “wow! I love Halloween, but I didn’t know I knew so much about it! You guys try it too, I want to see if it’s as easy as I make it seem!”

Yeah, no one’s falling for it, but do it anyway! Now here we go, from candy to ghosts to goblins to WWII, let’s see how much magic you can really do!

Did you know?

The Largest Pumpkin is over 2,600 Pounds!

Every couple of years, the record for the biggest pumpkin in history is broken. Most recently, in 2016, a man named Mathias Willemijn grew a record-breaking pumpkin that weighed 2,624.6 lbs. This surpassed the previous record by over 300lbs!

This tradition began in 1900 when the first to grow a world record was named. His name was William Warnock, and he grew a pumpkin that ended up weighing 400lbs. That was a lot at the time, but these days it’s amateur compared to nearly 3,000lbs! It took 98 years to break the 1000lbs threshold and another 14 to break the one-ton mark. I wonder how long until they really do reach 3,000. To put that into perspective, a grand piano or a grizzly bear. One-ton or 2000lbs weighs the same as two hefty horses, ten kangaroos, or a 2008 Lotus Exige.

Keep in mind that this pumpkin was heavier than any of these. Now imagine how scary a jack-o-lantern made with this pumpkin would be. Or maybe it could break the pumpkin pie record, which was a five-foot pie, which weighed 350 pounds. This pie used 36lbs of sugar, 12 dozen eggs, and80lbs of pumpkin. That much pumpkin took six hours to cook. Speaking of pumpkins though, if you want to get the perfect pumpkin check out Morton, Illinois which is the pumpkin capital of the world! And why not? They are really good for you, with Vitamin A and a 90% water content! Orange you glad they are so tasty?


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