It's Time to Gobble Up This Thanksgiving Trivia Quiz

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Did you know that Germany, Grenada, and Japan all celebrate their own form of Thanksgiving? It’s not the same as ours nor is it related. But it’s a great start and if you already knew this, you are definitely ready for this quiz. Now, if you’re Canadian or American, this will be loads easier for you. Or if you like mashed potatoes. Cause who doesn’t? Get ready for this quiz by remembering what they taught you in school and what your grandmother told you as you helped her make pumpkin pie, “did you know they didn’t have pumpkin pie at the first Thanksgiving? And your great aunt Ethel, God rest her soul was a Godforsaken Canadian who thought the first Thanksgiving was in Canada.”

In truth, where was it? Do you know? If you can answer with open-minded confidence, then you should go ahead and start the quiz, cause you’re ready for an ace! Gobble this up like Thanksgiving ham…or turkey, if you’re into that sort of thing.

Did you know?

Out of every Thanksgiving food, most people will say that mashed potatoes are their favorite.

According to statistics in the US, almost a third of every person that celebrates Thanksgiving chooses mashed potatoes as their number one food. If they could only have one food on that day, it would be mashed potatoes, and they would always leave room for it. On the other hand, about five percent of people like corn the best and five percent like green beans. Still, almost 50 million turkeys are consumed on Thanksgiving alone. So who is eating all of those?

That may sound expensive, but it has been shown that a family of ten spends about $50 on Thanksgiving eats, which is $5 a person. Not bad, really. However, it’s nearly 40% more expensive than it was ten years ago. So we can only expect it to keep rising. At least they don’t spend near as much as they do on Black Friday. Each shopper spends about $400. So that means if that family of ten each went shopping alone, they would spend $4000! Which is 800 times what it cost them to eat! At least they are buying for each other, right? Men would like to say so considering they spend about $100 more than women do.

Men, for what you spent on Black Friday, you could make over 15,000 servings of mashed potatoes. Didn’t we just talk about this? You drove across the country for mashed potatoes! Yet you’d rather spend your money on a flash drive, toolbox you’ll never use, and 13,000 DVDs.


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