Road to Confederation: How Well Do You Know Canadian History?

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So, you think you know Canadian history? You’ve lived there your entire life? You just moved there but have been studying your new country since childhood? Whatever your reason for thinking you know the history, it’s your business, but you’re here for a reason nevertheless. You want to test your knowledge on the Battle of 1812, the Canadian flag, the important politicians and civil rights leaders. You want to know if you really know the Constitution and reasons behind Canadian cultural facts. Well, what are you waiting for. This is the perfect opportunity for you to show your American friends how patriotic you are, and that no, patriotism does not mean loyalty to America.

Did you know?

Lacrosse is the National Summer Sport and It’s Violent!

You know the game with the nets you hold in your hand that most of the world is confused by? That Lacrosse. Well, it began as a “no rule” Aboriginal Canadian sport called "baggataway," that was used to teach young natives what war was like. Wow.

Today, things are much calmer than in the past, such as on June 4, 1763. On that day, two Ojibwe chiefs invited George Etherington, the British commandant of Fort Michilimackinac, to watch a game between the Ojibwe and Sauk tribes. It was used to celebrate King George's birthday and was meant to be a treat. George was unaware of what it entailed and accepted the invite.

The men expected to see nets or mitts of some sort, but instead, they were greeted with women who handed the men tomahawks to battle with. The “players” saw it as a game, yeah, and ended up killing 27 men both outside and inside the fort. George Etherington realized his mistake soon as his men were killed, though he survived. Though he was held for ransom. The British never looked at a game of Lacrosse the same, and neither did anyone else. Except for the Native Americans, for them, the game continued as usual. Without the bloody game of deceit, of course.


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